3 Questions to Ask a Commercial Roofing Company

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Whatever type of commercial roofing project you are planning, whether it is for a small or a very large facility, whether it involves the partial or complete replacement of the old roof, the installation of the roof on a new construction or only repair, the experience and the knowledge of the roofing contractor you hire for the project is essential for success. This also means that the first project-related task to handle is the selection of the roofer and the discussion about the project. Here are three of the most important topics to talk about.

The Roofing Company’s Profile

After you have identified at least three or four roofers that could be suitable for your project, you should continue the hiring process by contacting them to schedule the meeting. During the meeting, the first topic to discuss is the contractor’s status in terms of licensing and insurance – to be able to provide legit roofing services, roofing companies are required to carry a state-issued license as well as a general liability insurance and a workman’s compensation insurance if they have employees. Ask the roofer to show you copies of the documents and take the time to check them, too.

Another important thing to check before moving on to more practical topics is the roofer’s experience and areas of expertise. The best commercial roofer Atlanta has will specialize in particular materials and procedure. They should be able to prove their experience in the field of these materials and procedures with certificates received from manufacturers of roofing materials as well as with their portfolio of previous work and verifiable references. To make sure that the roofer is as good as they say, take the time to check the references provided.

Recommendations about How to Best Get the Work Done

There are probably several materials that are suitable for your roof, each of the options coming with a set of pros and cons. Ask the roofer to tell you about the roofing materials and procedures that can work on your roof as well as about the pros and cons of each option.

You also need to know exactly what your project will involve in terms of duration and process, so ask the roofer to walk you through it all, explaining you how they are planning to handle each step, from the initial site preparation and the removal of the old roof to the installation of the new structure and site cleaning. It is very important to get every detail in writing so ask the roofer to provide a written cost estimate. Repeat that procedure with all the roofers on your list, then compare the estimates in terms of pricing, quality and warranties as well.

The Future of Your Roof

Another important topic to find out about is how durable your new roof is expected to be and the warranty coverage available. A responsible, reliable roofer provides a manufacturer’s warranty on the material as well as a warranty on the workmanship provided – you should not work with a contractor that refuses to provide any of the two types of warranties.

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