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3 Questions to Ask a Commercial Roofing Company

commercial roofer Atlanta

Whatever type of commercial roofing project you are planning, whether it is for a small or a very large facility, whether it involves the partial or complete replacement of the old roof, the installation of the roof on a new construction or only repair, the experience and the knowledge of the roofing contractor you hire for the project is essential for success. This also means that the first project-related task to handle is the selection of the roofer and the discussion about the project. Here are three of the most important topics to talk about.

The Roofing Company’s Profile

After you have identified at least three or four roofers that could be suitable for your project, you should continue the hiring process by contacting them to schedule the meeting. During the meeting, the first topic to discuss is the contractor’s status in terms of licensing and insurance – to be able to provide legit roofing services, roofing companies are required to carry a state-issued license as well as a general liability insurance and a workman’s compensation insurance if they have employees. Ask the roofer to show you copies of the documents and take the time to check them, too.

Another important thing to check before moving on to more practical topics is the roofer’s experience and areas of expertise. The best commercial roofer Atlanta has will specialize in particular materials and procedure. They should be able to prove their experience in the field of these materials and procedures with certificates received from manufacturers of roofing materials as well as with their portfolio of previous work and verifiable references. To make sure that the roofer is as good as they say, take the time to check the references provided.

Recommendations about How to Best Get the Work Done

There are probably several materials that are suitable for your roof, each of the options coming with a set of pros and cons. Ask the roofer to tell you about the roofing materials and procedures that can work on your roof as well as about the pros and cons of each option.

You also need to know exactly what your project will involve in terms of duration and process, so ask the roofer to walk you through it all, explaining you how they are planning to handle each step, from the initial site preparation and the removal of the old roof to the installation of the new structure and site cleaning. It is very important to get every detail in writing so ask the roofer to provide a written cost estimate. Repeat that procedure with all the roofers on your list, then compare the estimates in terms of pricing, quality and warranties as well.

The Future of Your Roof

Another important topic to find out about is how durable your new roof is expected to be and the warranty coverage available. A responsible, reliable roofer provides a manufacturer’s warranty on the material as well as a warranty on the workmanship provided – you should not work with a contractor that refuses to provide any of the two types of warranties.

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What Is an Improvement Location Certificate?

land certificate surveyors near location

An improvement location certificate is a document issued as the result of a special type of survey called an improvement location survey, performed for various types of real estate development and construction or upgrading processes and mainly used by title insurer and mortgage companies, not by the property’s owners. Here are some things that you should know about the document.

Features Addressed in an Improvement Location Certificate

Improvement location surveys are performed to assess various features of a particular plot of land. Here are some:

  • Encroachments – in real estate, the term is used to denote a situation when a neighbor builds a structure that is on your territory or that is overhanging your terrain. While the existence of such a structure on your territory might not hinder your ability to use your terrain, if something, such as an accident, happens as a consequence of using the structure, you, as the owner of the terrain on which the structure is located, might be liable for that accident. To be able to prove the existence of the structure, the owner of the terrain can hire a land survey company to provide an improvement location certificate;
  • Easements – an easement is also something that has been created by a neighbor or a shared feature on your terrain such as a common driveway. In the context of these issues, improvement location certificates are used for determining the exact size and location of the easements;
  • Legal descriptions – the certificates used for these purposes confirm that the territory’s boundaries are accurate and that the property’s address is correct;
  • Fences – fences must be located exactly on the property line, but they are often not placed accurately, which might give rise to various disputes. The certificates that document the exact location of property fences are often used by mortgage lenders.

How to Obtain an Improvement Location Certificate

Improvement location certificates are prepared by property surveyor companies or by licensed, individual land surveyors. The document can be ordered by anyone who needs it, including mortgage lenders, home sellers and homebuyers, just look for surveyors near me for quick response.

The first step toward getting the certificate is to find a suitable land surveyor. You can find the right expert to turn to through your title company (they usually work with reputable, licensed surveyors that you can trust) or you can find the contact details of local land surveyors online, with a simple query. In the next phase, you should contact the surveyor or the surveyors that you consider suitable to discuss your needs and requirements and to schedule the day and time when the survey will be conducted. The next step is the actual survey: your surveyor and a team of assistants and helpers will go to the property for which you need the survey on the date that you have agreed upon and will make measurements necessary for the certificate using advanced measurement methods and high-precision devices, then they will prepare and hand you over the certificate. Improvement location certificates come for a fee, the usual rate being around $350.

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Where to Look for Post Assembly Crane Inspection Companies

According to OSHA, a crane must be inspected after assembly, after any modification and after a period of inactivity of 6 to 12 months. This task must be performed by a certified and licensed crane inspector.

Small and medium sized companies usually hire a crane inspector. They have a small number of cranes, and the inspector, who also doubles as crane operator, can handle the job. However, large companies that lease construction equipment must outsource this task to a specialized company.

How Do You Recognize a Professional Crane Inspection Company?

Post assembly crane inspection companies must prove that their staff holds adequate certification recognized by the OSHA. The basic certification in this field is the one issued by the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO).

At the same time, they must be able to provide a list of clients they have worked for and references from them. Usually, these companies have a special page of testimonials or client cases on their website. At the same time, they will display the logos for all the relevant certifications and licenses the company holds.

How Can You Find a Post Assembly Crane Inspection Company?

If you are new in business, you need to be careful before you hire a crane inspection company. If they do not hold the proper certifications and an accident occurs, your company will likely have to assume at least a part of the liability.

post assembly crane inspection

Here are a few suggestions for finding a post assembly crane inspection company you can trust;

  1. The NCCCO Website

The National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators keeps a register of certified persons and entities. You can access this register for free and look for a crane inspection company in your city.

  1. The BBB Website

The Better Business Bureau is an accreditation organization that rates company depending on their reliability, financial position, legal problems and customer feedback. Their website allows you to select crane inspection companies by geographical area, proximity to your location and rating.

  1. Various Business Directories

Business directories are websites that maintain a list of companies, clearly classified by industry and specialized field of activity. Many of these directories allow clients to post ratings, so you can also find out details about the reliability of the respective company.

  1. Your Network

At the present, it is more important than ever to have a wide network of business contacts. Social media platforms make it easy to find people you worked with, potential vendors and business partners and connect with them.

You can reach out to them and ask for a recommendation. Their answer is a qualified one – no one would recommend an unreliable company to a friend or business connection.

Final Thoughts

When you start discussing with a post assembly crane inspection company, you need to make sure that they:

  • Have experience working with the brand and model of cranes you use
  • Has a valid certification and license for crane inspection
  • Holds relevant insurance
  • Is familiar with the most up to date non-destructive testing inspection procedures.

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What Do Water Damage Companies Do When You Have A Flood?

water damage restoration near me

Floods are devastating events that can damage or even completely destroy buildings, including homes. If your home is also among the properties that have been affected by flooding, the best, most efficient way to restore the safety and the integrity of your home is by turning to an expert company for water damage restoration near me. Here is how cleanup contractors work and an outline of some further benefits of hiring a restoration team.

Assessing the Problem

The first thing that your water damage restoration company will do is to perform a detailed evaluation of the damage. The restoration team will check your home to find the points where the flood water entered you building and they will also assess the severity of the damage by checking the walls and floors in the affected areas. During the process, the technicians will perform more than just a visual check – they will also use various sensors and probes to identify invisible damage, too. After the assessment, your water damage experts will recommend the best course of action – if the damage is severe, you might need to leave your home until the restoration is complete.

Water Removal

After the assessment, the team will start the removal of the water and of the contaminated objects, if necessary. They might use special pumps and drying equipment to make sure that all excess moisture is removed from flooded rooms. They will also discard any items that cannot be salvaged, such as carpets or furniture severely affected by the flood.


When the building is dry, the water damage restoration near me will start the professional cleaning process – a very important step because flood water usually contains many contaminants that can spread diseases and are very dangerous if they are left in your walls and floors. In many cases, the proper cleanliness of the affected rooms can be achieved only if any contaminated flooring and wall section is removed, so you need to be prepared that your home restoration process might involve many further home remodel processes, such as installing new drywall and flooring, painting, replacing electrical wiring and plumbing.

The Benefits of Hiring a Water Damage Company

Hiring a cleanup company might involve costs (in some cases, substantial costs), but it is the best and safest way to restore your home’s safety. Water damage companies use professional equipment to remove water and to dry the damaged rooms and they also use professional cleaning substances to decontaminate your rooms and to prevent the appearance of mold.

Hiring a professional cleanup company is useful for the damage claim process and for the remodeling as well. Many insurers pay compensations only to homeowners who hire professionals to restore their home after a flood. Your water damage restoration team can also be of great help with the various renovation steps following the cleanup – they can give you valuable advice about how to continue with the restoration process as well as about how to prepare for or how to prevent flooding and other forms of water damage in the future.

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How Do You Find Bed Bugs?

find bed bugs Denver

Bed bugs are tiny, brown insects that live in the foam and the textiles used in beds, sofas, armchairs and coaches as well as in carpets and that feed on the blood of humans and pets. Bed bugs are notoriously hard to find – they are small (adults individuals are smaller than an apple seed) and masters of hiding, but they can cause serious health problems, from skin rashes or respiratory problems. They also proliferate very quickly – female bed bugs lay hundreds of eggs several times. This also means that even a minor infestation can quickly turn into a major contamination, therefore quick action is required to detect and to get rid of the intruders. Here is how bed bugs are detected and eliminated.

Where They Hide

Bed bugs can enter your building in many ways – they can come into the room with bags, suitcases and other luggage as well as in clothing and in shoes. They do not set up nests – they just find a suitable hiding place, such as in mattresses, bed frames, even in small crevices around the room and just live there in large groups. They are nocturnal animals, which means that they come out to feed at night, while the occupants of the room are asleep.

How They Act

The first bed bug bites might be unnoticed, but as they proliferate, the bed bug community will need more blood, which also means more bites. Bed bug bites are very similar to mosquito bites, so many people mistake their rash for the signs of mosquito infestations.

How to Find Bed Bugs

The small bites that quickly turn into itchy welts are signs that should raise your suspicion, but even then, bed bugs can be hard to find. They do leave physical signs behind, so try to look for rust-colored or reddish stains on bed linen, tiny black spots that might be insect excrement and tiny eggs. In most cases, the accurate identification of their dwellings takes professional attention, so you will need to call a professional pest removal service to find and to exterminate the bugs.

How to Remove Bed Bugs

Thorough cleaning and decluttering are two efficient measures to combat bed bugs. Remove any personal items from the room, including toys, blankets and bedding and give the empty room a thorough cleaning, including the bed frame, the drawers in the dresser and any item that is suitable to be used as shelter by the tiny pests. When you remove the items from the room, take them outside immediately, otherwise you risk spreading the bed bugs in other rooms, too.

When the cleaning is complete, seal any entry points, such as the holes where pipes and cables enter your room.

Enlist Help from Professionals

If your efforts don’t bring the expected results and you still suspect that you have bed bugs, contact a find bed bugs Denver company. The pest control companies in your area work with such infestations every day, so they have the knowledge, the substances and the tools to detect and to eliminate bed bugs for good.

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How do I Find an Industrial Gate Company

Industrial doors actively contribute to creating an optimal interior microclimate. A production space requires natural light and thermal insulation. A logistics center needs high opening speed, high traffic resistance and low risk of impact. Shipyard and hangar hall doors are specially designed for wind pressure resistance. For special rooms, such as clean rooms or those with a risk of explosion, Care required certified doors for such applications.

For all these requirements, industrial gate companies offer equipment with high performance, quality indicators and low operating costs. The aim is to make the investment in the gate profitable after several years of intensive, efficient and comfortable operation.

Industrial gates offered by industrial gate companies must be distinguished by the ability to meet any technical requirement, to offer a high technological flow as well as a very good thermal and sound insulation.

security gates in Denver

When looking for an industrial gate company, don’t limit yourself to the first you can find. Use the internet and you will surely find many interesting results, because there are many security gates Denver companies out there that produce, import and distribute industrial doors. The considerable experience in providing equipment and products to customers in the industrial area is extremely important, as well as a complex portfolio of solutions addressed to this sector.

Experienced industrial gate companies have offered hundreds and even thousands of solutions for national and international projects, and the experience gained in the automation market recommends them as a reference point in this sector.

To find an industrial gate company able to offer you a good solution for your business, look for innovation, design, safety and comfort, as well as long-term functionality in optimal conditions. Also, be interested in whether the industrial gate company provides fast intervention and service within 24 hours, with specialized technical teams, as this aspect can be very important in case of facing problems with the gate.

Make sure the industrial gate company offers a minimum warranty of 2 years and the best value for money, in each category.

Also, in addition to bidding and consulting, ask for details about installation, maintenance and service.

An industrial gate company not only sells you a gate, but also offers you project planning, complete solutions for your business, customized and adapted to the specifics of the project, professional advice and, in general, a partnership, which includes product manufacturing, extended quality through professional installation that guarantees and extends product life and maintenance. In this way, the product you choose will work without problems and / or interruptions.

If you are interested in an industrial automated gate, it is good to know that there are Denver companies that install automation on existing gates, in some cases with minimal costs to change the gate infrastructure. So make sure you use the right keywords when looking for an industrial gate company, to get results as close as possible to your needs. In addition, when contacting an industrial gate company for the first time, make sure you ask all the questions that bring you the clarifications you need. Many industrial Denver gate companies also provide you with contact forms on their websites, which you can use to ensure that the company can provide the services you need.

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Should You Hire A Local Highlands Ranch Roofing Company?

how to hire roofing companies

When tackling a roofing project, homeowners must do an evaluation of different Highlands Ranch roofing companies, in order to identify the best one for their needs. There are roofing contractors everywhere, all across the country, some of them with a national reputation, so it should be easy to make a list with names and contact information. However, your first selection criterion should refer to keeping on your list only local companies.

The reasons why Highlands Ranch residents should opt for Highlands Ranch roofers will be explained below.

You will feel more comfortable to turn to a neighbor than to a stranger

A local company is closer to you and it will be considerably easier to get it on site. Besides, it is a part of the local community and you might even know personally some people working for that company. You may be able to get a quote very soon after contacting it, instead of ending up on a waiting list, because a local contractor should be able to arrive at your job site quickly.

You get prompt emergency service

If you experience a roof emergency, the most important thing is to get immediate assistance from a professional roofer, to help you limit the damage and work with your insurance company.

A local roofer is familiar with the local climate

The climate in Highlands Ranch has some particularities. The region gets fewer inches of rain than the national average, but it gets more sunny days per year, as well as more inches of snow. Choosing roofing materials as well as some particularities of a roof installation, repairs ad regular maintenance mostly depend on the local climate, so it is much better to hire a roofer that is familiar with all these aspects.

It is easier to get in-depth reviews on a local contractor

Before hiring a roofing contractor, you must evaluate it and see if it stands for its reputation and is able to provide the type of services you need. Reviews and recommendations are essential in this process and it is easier to get them for local roofers. You may have colleagues or neighbors who went through roofing projects recently and can provide you essential information about the roofing company they have worked with. Also, you can get in touch more easily with company`s referrals, visit buildings whose roofs were installed by the company you plan on hiring etc. Local roofers have easily verifiable reputation, because they have built a reputation throughout the years, in the community, so they will typically have many roofing projects to show and be proud about.

Local roofers know the local building codes

Building codes vary among cities and states, and failing to comply with them may result in different types of problems. You will not have to worry about them if you ire a reliable local roofing company, because local contractors are updated with the latest building policies and train their teams accordingly.

Hiring a local roofer is investing in your community

At least a part of the money you pay will go back to your community, one way or another, which is another good reason to choose a local contractor.





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How Do I Get Rid of Mold in Drywall?

Need Help From Water Damage Professionals

The mold is made up of fungi that multiply by spores and appear in areas with high humidity, because moisture favors both the appearance of the mold and its development. The most common types of indoor mold are Penicillium, Cladosporium, Alternaria and Aspergillus. Mold can appear both inside and outside a building.

Mold spores enter the house by air, but also through heating and ventilation systems. The areas that can be most affected by mold are the kitchen, the bathroom and the balcony, but mold can develop in other rooms too, if you have problems with water leaks or air humidity. Mold may appear on wooden surfaces, but it can also break down paints or adhesives and that is why you can often find it in drywalls.


The main factors that favor the appearance and development of the mold are moisture, heat and lack of adequate insulation.


A warm and humid environment – the humidity and the heat inside the building favor the appearance of the mold, especially in the cold season, due to the large temperature differences.

Condensation – incorrect insulation of the walls will block the transfer of moisture from the indoors to the outdoors. This is the cause of condensation.

Water infiltration – if the waterproofing systems are made of poor quality materials, water infiltration can occur in the interior walls of the house. It is recommended that waterproofing operations be performed by a water damage Phoenix professional, to avoid problems that lead to the apparition of mold.


There is no environment completely free of mold, although mold spores are not visible. However, when they come in contact with water and moisture, the mold spores will develop into those ugly-looking stains and dark colored spots on the walls.

The specific smell of the mold, a bit similar to that of wet soil, may indicate its presence, especially if it appears in less visible areas, such as behind furniture or under the parquet.

Effective methods for mold removal

For mold already formed on the walls you have at hand several practical solutions, which will help you to successfully eliminate these unsightly and harmful stains:

  • Commercial or homemade solutions that kill mold – In stores, you can find a variety of solutions that help you to remove the mold from the walls, but you can also choose to prepare your own mold-repellent in the house, with the following ingredients: a glass of water, a glass of vinegar, the juice of one lemon, two tablespoons of baking soda and one tablespoon of peroxide hydrogen. Mix the ingredients in a bottle and spray the solution on the areas covered with mold. Allow it to react a few hours before rinsing. When removing the mold like this, remember to protect yourself and avoid inhaling the spores. It is recommended to use a face mask and plastic gloves.
  • Dehumidifiers – Mold loves moisture, and an environment where air humidity exceeds 80% significantly increases its chances of developing. The most useful solution is to use a dehumidifier. In addition, if you have faced mold problem in the past, using a dehumidifier is the ideal remedy against its recurrence.


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Benefits of a Construction Site Surveillance Camera

construction site security cameras

A site is a rather crowded place where people come and go all day and sometimes all night. A video monitoring system is an easy way for a manager to motivate workers to do their job better.

Moreover, in case of site-related criminal charges, video cameras can provide the indisputable proof of (lack of) guilt. With the installation of a video surveillance system, the work on a construction site becomes safer and this is the best reason you need, if you still doubt about the utility of surveillance cameras.

Here are some of the most important benefits of installing such a system:

  • Monitoring the workers

An important benefit brought by the installation of a CCTV system on a construction site is that it allows managers to have a clearer picture of their employees’ activities. In the past, managers had to rely on their employees’ reports and even spend hours on the site, to get a better picture of everyone’s work. This method was not just time consuming, but it did not even provide the best results. That’s why a video surveillance system is the best solution in this case.

Monitoring the workers does not involve only keeping an eye on their daily activity, but also ensure that safety regulations are respected. Besides, in case of an accident, video recordings can prove to be very useful to determine the culprit.

  • Site evaluation

Another important aspect of installing construction site security cameras is that they provide the manager a better way to view progress in real time.

It is important to note that camcorder recordings, along with other gadgets (drones), can be used to determine real progress on a construction site. Even if the manager still needs to make on-site observation visits, the cameras remain a comfortable method that provides insights into the dynamics of the site.

  • Determining the use of resources

Moreover, CCTV monitoring systems can be used to determine the use of resources on the site. This is particularly important because the level of activity on a construction site is sometimes so intense that the site manager can no longer keep track of the resources used. Resources requiring detailed monitoring include construction materials, machines and worker protection equipment, but these are just a few general examples.

A video monitoring system can help a manager identify the causes of material losses and identify potential illegal site activities that may occur. This way, the manager can intervene promptly and solve the problem, minimizing the losses and ensuring a more efficient use of resources on the site.

  • Increase site security

One of the biggest challenges on a construction site is maintaining site security, especially when no one is in the location. Video records can be very useful for security teams to determine any inadvertent or even illegal activities happening on the site, while nobody is watching.

Records can always provide a fundamental insight, especially when it comes to complications related to criminal activities. With a video monitoring system, identifying illegal activities and even theft of valuable site resources is not a problem anymore.


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How Much Can You Save With Used Industrial Shelving?

used shelving Denver

Shelving is important for industrial warehousing, but it is an expensive project that small businesses and young companies may not afford. However, there are shelving solutions that help you keep the expenses to the minimum, while still providing stability and quality. Second-hand shelving is the most popular.

There are many providers of second hand warehouse racking and shelving across the country and they offer good products, installation and customer support services. You can get the shelves you need for a good price and without risking using wrong products that may cause unnecessary damage to your inventory.

Types of industrial shelving systems you can choose from

  • Cantilever Racking – typically used for storing heavy items of unusual dimension or surface (lumber, piping, tubes)
  • Rivet Shelving – this option comes in two styles: single or double rivet. If you have heavy duty storage needs per shelf, choose the double rivet shelving. Single rivet shelving is also useful in warehouses, but it only holds up to 350 pounds per shelf, which makes it suitable for organizing smaller inventory.

Advantages of purchasing used warehouse shelving

First, you get quality products for reduced costs. Most used industrial shelving systems come from companies that replaced them with new ones not because these shelves are broken, but because they moved inventory to another location. Additionally, suppliers of second hand shelves inspect and restore them if necessary.

Another significant advantage is that many used shelving Denver suppliers buy the racks from initial users only if they are in good condition and come with the documents from the manufacturers.

And it is not just quality you get, but also variety. Suppliers of used shelves sell products available in different sizes and shapes, so you can choose the ones that suit your storage needs. You can also get extension for the shelves you may already have.

Buying second hand industrial shelving systems is also beneficial for the environment, because they are not sent to landfills. Additionally, you may also get financing solutions from some shelf resellers, which will ease even more your financial burden and allow you to focus on your core activities. All you need to be eligible for getting financing solutions is a good credit scores and potentials to grow.

Finally yet importantly, purchasing used industrial shelving systems help you save time. You can have them delivered to your address as soon as you purchase them and, even if there are minor adjustments to fit the shelves into the new place, these will be performed very quickly. With new shelves, you would have been required to wait until they were manufactured to your specifications.

Besides all these advantages, it is also important to know the risks. The most significant is that you will not get any warranty when you buy used industrial shelving systems, therefore there is no promise on their lifespan and resistance. This is why inspecting the shelves carefully is a must before purchasing them. Knowing where the racking came from may also be useful, as you can find out what was their previous use.

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