Basement Refinishing Ideas – How to Convert a Dysfunctional Space into the Most Popular Room in Your House

The basements are just as much an integral part of a home as the bedroom or the living room, but unfortunately these underground spaces often end up as storage spaces crammed with unused objects that the owners deposit there because they feel emotionally attached to them and don’t have the heart to get rid of. Many homeowners pride themselves with the bold and beautiful design they create for their kitchen, living room, bedroom or bathroom areas, while they forget that they have one more multifunctional area that they can easily convert into an amazing refuge, a wonderful place for guests, a neatly organized storage place for useful objects, a library or even a gym and that place is the basement. If you have a basement begging for some tender loving care, here are a few basement refinishing ideas to help you out.


Down to the Basics

Before starting to design your basement area, you need to make sure everything is perfectly dry down there. Basements usually accommodate major ducts, pipelines and boilers, so the first thing you need to check is the integrity of all pipes and ducts in the area. Check the basement walls for cracks, too and eliminate any dampness and crack before starting to design anything.  It’s a good idea to hire one of the general contractors Fort Collins offers.

It is a good idea to install a vapor barrier on the floor and on the walls before starting the refinishing process because most basements are not ventilated as efficiently as the other rooms in the house, which can cause vapors to accumulate over time. Installing proper insulation is also essential – it will keep the space warm in winter and comfortably cool in summer.

When you are sure your basement floor and walls are in perfect condition, it is time to check the building regulations in your area to find out whether you will be required to obtain any permit or implement any changes to be able to transform your space the way you want.


Let Your Creativity Soar

Once your basement is suitable from a technical point of view, you can start creating the space of your dreams – here are some ideas about what you can convert your underground space into:

  • Office – basements are usually very quiet places, allowing you to work undisturbed,
  • A second living room – all you need for that is some pastel paint for the walls, a thick carpet, a few couches, a comfortable sofa, a small table and maybe a large television set,
  • Media room – another popular choice, media rooms set in basements will allow you to enjoy your favorite music or movie without disturbing others in the house,
  • A gym – having your own work-out area is a great thing and basements are just perfect to accommodate your weights, dumbbells and other gym equipment, de-cluttering the rest of the house and giving you the training sanctuary you have been always dreaming about,
  • Guest apartment – if there are a lot of guests coming and going in your home, you can create a guest room with a small shower for them, thus making everyone in the house more comfortable.


These are just some of the most popular basement refinishing ideas – the most important thing is to make sure the walls and the floor of the basement is safe and suitable for the type of space you want your basement to be, the rest is up to your imagination.

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