Las Vegas Pool Service Companies and How They Can Help You

If you own a pool in Las Vegas, pool service companies are there for you to clean, maintain and repair your pool for you, assuring that the quality of the water is perfect and that you can enjoy your time spent around the pool to the fullest. Here are a few of the services provided by pool companies.




Many people think that a yard pool is nothing else but a large hole in the ground covered in some sort of cladding and filled with water, but pools are in fact complex and complicated constructions that use valves, pumps, heating elements, filters and many other components. You must be aware that any of these components can fail and faults can negatively influence the quality of the water in your pool.


A clogged filter or valve can lead to the accumulation of impurities and other debris in the water, the fault of heating elements can hinder your comfort of using the pool – if any of these faults occur, you need a pool repair service and you need them quickly. Pool companies will arrive to check your pool within the shortest time possible, they will diagnose the problem and will propose the most efficient repair solution. In many cases, they are able to remedy the fault without even draining the water.


Maintenance Services


Pools need continuous attention and it is only with regular care that you can preserve your pool in pristine condition. Regular pool maintenance Las Vegas companies procedures involve some of the following activities:


  • skimming the surface of the water to remove leaves or other debris
  • cleaning the pool’s strainer basket
  • cleaning the walls and the bottom of the pool with a pool vacuum (a device that looks like a vacuum cleaner and is able to remove the slime or dirt from the pool walls while it is immersed in water)
  • inspecting the pool filters and cleaning or replacing them if necessary
  • removing scales from the pool’s heating elements
  • checking water levels and taking care of refills when necessary
  • testing the quality of the water and adjusting the chemical composition of the water
  • preparing the pool for periods when it is out of used – a process called winterizing
  • preparing the pool for being used again.


Help with Real Estate Transactions


Las Vegas pool service companies can help you with professional pool inspection services if you want to buy a property that has a pool. The pool service technician will accompany you to the property you want to buy and he will inspect every inch of the pool to check for hidden faults or problems that can cause you trouble later.


At the end of the inspection, the pool service company will issue a written report that contains the results of the inspection and the potential issues detected. Similarly, you can hire a pool service company to perform an assessment of your own pool if you want to put your property out on the market – it will save your buyers the hassle of getting an evaluation themselves and will establish you as a responsible seller.

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