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3 Questions to Ask a Commercial Roofing Company

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Whatever type of commercial roofing project you are planning, whether it is for a small or a very large facility, whether it involves the partial or complete replacement of the old roof, the installation of the roof on a new construction or only repair, the experience and the knowledge of the roofing contractor you hire for the project is essential for success. This also means that the first project-related task to handle is the selection of the roofer and the discussion about the project. Here are three of the most important topics to talk about.

The Roofing Company’s Profile

After you have identified at least three or four roofers that could be suitable for your project, you should continue the hiring process by contacting them to schedule the meeting. During the meeting, the first topic to discuss is the contractor’s status in terms of licensing and insurance – to be able to provide legit roofing services, roofing companies are required to carry a state-issued license as well as a general liability insurance and a workman’s compensation insurance if they have employees. Ask the roofer to show you copies of the documents and take the time to check them, too.

Another important thing to check before moving on to more practical topics is the roofer’s experience and areas of expertise. The best commercial roofer Atlanta has will specialize in particular materials and procedure. They should be able to prove their experience in the field of these materials and procedures with certificates received from manufacturers of roofing materials as well as with their portfolio of previous work and verifiable references. To make sure that the roofer is as good as they say, take the time to check the references provided.

Recommendations about How to Best Get the Work Done

There are probably several materials that are suitable for your roof, each of the options coming with a set of pros and cons. Ask the roofer to tell you about the roofing materials and procedures that can work on your roof as well as about the pros and cons of each option.

You also need to know exactly what your project will involve in terms of duration and process, so ask the roofer to walk you through it all, explaining you how they are planning to handle each step, from the initial site preparation and the removal of the old roof to the installation of the new structure and site cleaning. It is very important to get every detail in writing so ask the roofer to provide a written cost estimate. Repeat that procedure with all the roofers on your list, then compare the estimates in terms of pricing, quality and warranties as well.

The Future of Your Roof

Another important topic to find out about is how durable your new roof is expected to be and the warranty coverage available. A responsible, reliable roofer provides a manufacturer’s warranty on the material as well as a warranty on the workmanship provided – you should not work with a contractor that refuses to provide any of the two types of warranties.

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Should You Hire A Local Highlands Ranch Roofing Company?

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When tackling a roofing project, homeowners must do an evaluation of different Highlands Ranch roofing companies, in order to identify the best one for their needs. There are roofing contractors everywhere, all across the country, some of them with a national reputation, so it should be easy to make a list with names and contact information. However, your first selection criterion should refer to keeping on your list only local companies.

The reasons why Highlands Ranch residents should opt for Highlands Ranch roofers will be explained below.

You will feel more comfortable to turn to a neighbor than to a stranger

A local company is closer to you and it will be considerably easier to get it on site. Besides, it is a part of the local community and you might even know personally some people working for that company. You may be able to get a quote very soon after contacting it, instead of ending up on a waiting list, because a local contractor should be able to arrive at your job site quickly.

You get prompt emergency service

If you experience a roof emergency, the most important thing is to get immediate assistance from a professional roofer, to help you limit the damage and work with your insurance company.

A local roofer is familiar with the local climate

The climate in Highlands Ranch has some particularities. The region gets fewer inches of rain than the national average, but it gets more sunny days per year, as well as more inches of snow. Choosing roofing materials as well as some particularities of a roof installation, repairs ad regular maintenance mostly depend on the local climate, so it is much better to hire a roofer that is familiar with all these aspects.

It is easier to get in-depth reviews on a local contractor

Before hiring a roofing contractor, you must evaluate it and see if it stands for its reputation and is able to provide the type of services you need. Reviews and recommendations are essential in this process and it is easier to get them for local roofers. You may have colleagues or neighbors who went through roofing projects recently and can provide you essential information about the roofing company they have worked with. Also, you can get in touch more easily with company`s referrals, visit buildings whose roofs were installed by the company you plan on hiring etc. Local roofers have easily verifiable reputation, because they have built a reputation throughout the years, in the community, so they will typically have many roofing projects to show and be proud about.

Local roofers know the local building codes

Building codes vary among cities and states, and failing to comply with them may result in different types of problems. You will not have to worry about them if you ire a reliable local roofing company, because local contractors are updated with the latest building policies and train their teams accordingly.

Hiring a local roofer is investing in your community

At least a part of the money you pay will go back to your community, one way or another, which is another good reason to choose a local contractor.





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Searching for the Best Connecticut Commercial Roofing Options for Quality Roofs

When searching for the best Connecticut commercial roofing options, you have plenty of considerations to take into account. Whether you own a large or small company, renovating your buildings and making sure they stand out is essential to your marketing success.


A roof is an important part of that, and it can also have many other ramifications. A well-designed roofing system will protect your building from the elements, cut down on your energy costs and help you avoid costly, frequent repairs.


Residential vs. Commercial Roofing


If you’re not familiar with commercial roofing solutions, it’s important to note that they are very different from residential roofing. While most residential buildings feature roofing systems designed to be stylish, sturdy and easy to install without the need for cutting edge materials and complicated work, commercial products are more designed for efficiency and practicality.


A commercial roof has to be durable and energy-efficient, as well as easy to install. For the building to be completed more quickly, commercial roofs are generally constructed as flat roofing systems made from materials like rubber and PVC. Metal and various special materials designed to be similarly light, resilient and easy to install are also chosen.


Unlike residential roofs, commercial roofing is also designed to prevent leaks and other integrity issues as much as possible. The membrane that composes the roof, as well as the protective layers added to increase resilience are able to offer more homogeneous protection, so that the roof is more likely to be damaged by wear over time, rather than in a localized fashion.


This prevents leaks from forming as quickly as they would because of broken shingles, for instance, so technicians have more time to perform proper maintenance tasks and conduct repairs before anything major happens.

Commercial Roofing

The Main Types of Commercial Roofing Systems to Choose from



In Connecticut, commercial roofing options are available for a wide range of applications. While the popular roofing solutions, such as EPDM and Bitumen, are the ones most Connecticut commercial roofers will deal with, there are many different varieties you can choose from:


  • Membrane roofing is the most common type of commercial roof available. The name simply comes from the fact that the roof construction resembles a protective membrane made out of a materials such as EPDM rubber, TPO (thermoplastic olefin or polyolefin) or PVC.
  • Build-up roofing is made from felts that are set up in layers and feature either a gravel aggregate finish or a special coating.
  • Modified Bitumen features a similar installation process to build-up roofing, but it uses a type of synthetic material reinforced with modified asphalt manufactured either from APP or Stryene Butadiene Styrene.
  • As in the case of residential roofing systems, metal and metal panel roofing can also be used to act as a durable, diverse and stylish alternative to most commercial roofing products.


Connecticut roofers regularly use most of these materials, while implementing them with upgrades to make them more resilient to the colder New England climate and help prevent the need for expensive heating costs during the winter.

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