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What Do Water Damage Companies Do When You Have A Flood?

water damage restoration near me

Floods are devastating events that can damage or even completely destroy buildings, including homes. If your home is also among the properties that have been affected by flooding, the best, most efficient way to restore the safety and the integrity of your home is by turning to an expert company for water damage restoration near me. Here is how cleanup contractors work and an outline of some further benefits of hiring a restoration team.

Assessing the Problem

The first thing that your water damage restoration company will do is to perform a detailed evaluation of the damage. The restoration team will check your home to find the points where the flood water entered you building and they will also assess the severity of the damage by checking the walls and floors in the affected areas. During the process, the technicians will perform more than just a visual check – they will also use various sensors and probes to identify invisible damage, too. After the assessment, your water damage experts will recommend the best course of action – if the damage is severe, you might need to leave your home until the restoration is complete.

Water Removal

After the assessment, the team will start the removal of the water and of the contaminated objects, if necessary. They might use special pumps and drying equipment to make sure that all excess moisture is removed from flooded rooms. They will also discard any items that cannot be salvaged, such as carpets or furniture severely affected by the flood.


When the building is dry, the water damage restoration near me will start the professional cleaning process – a very important step because flood water usually contains many contaminants that can spread diseases and are very dangerous if they are left in your walls and floors. In many cases, the proper cleanliness of the affected rooms can be achieved only if any contaminated flooring and wall section is removed, so you need to be prepared that your home restoration process might involve many further home remodel processes, such as installing new drywall and flooring, painting, replacing electrical wiring and plumbing.

The Benefits of Hiring a Water Damage Company

Hiring a cleanup company might involve costs (in some cases, substantial costs), but it is the best and safest way to restore your home’s safety. Water damage companies use professional equipment to remove water and to dry the damaged rooms and they also use professional cleaning substances to decontaminate your rooms and to prevent the appearance of mold.

Hiring a professional cleanup company is useful for the damage claim process and for the remodeling as well. Many insurers pay compensations only to homeowners who hire professionals to restore their home after a flood. Your water damage restoration team can also be of great help with the various renovation steps following the cleanup – they can give you valuable advice about how to continue with the restoration process as well as about how to prepare for or how to prevent flooding and other forms of water damage in the future.

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