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How Much Can You Save With Used Industrial Shelving?

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Shelving is important for industrial warehousing, but it is an expensive project that small businesses and young companies may not afford. However, there are shelving solutions that help you keep the expenses to the minimum, while still providing stability and quality. Second-hand shelving is the most popular.

There are many providers of second hand warehouse racking and shelving across the country and they offer good products, installation and customer support services. You can get the shelves you need for a good price and without risking using wrong products that may cause unnecessary damage to your inventory.

Types of industrial shelving systems you can choose from

  • Cantilever Racking – typically used for storing heavy items of unusual dimension or surface (lumber, piping, tubes)
  • Rivet Shelving – this option comes in two styles: single or double rivet. If you have heavy duty storage needs per shelf, choose the double rivet shelving. Single rivet shelving is also useful in warehouses, but it only holds up to 350 pounds per shelf, which makes it suitable for organizing smaller inventory.

Advantages of purchasing used warehouse shelving

First, you get quality products for reduced costs. Most used industrial shelving systems come from companies that replaced them with new ones not because these shelves are broken, but because they moved inventory to another location. Additionally, suppliers of second hand shelves inspect and restore them if necessary.

Another significant advantage is that many used shelving Denver suppliers buy the racks from initial users only if they are in good condition and come with the documents from the manufacturers.

And it is not just quality you get, but also variety. Suppliers of used shelves sell products available in different sizes and shapes, so you can choose the ones that suit your storage needs. You can also get extension for the shelves you may already have.

Buying second hand industrial shelving systems is also beneficial for the environment, because they are not sent to landfills. Additionally, you may also get financing solutions from some shelf resellers, which will ease even more your financial burden and allow you to focus on your core activities. All you need to be eligible for getting financing solutions is a good credit scores and potentials to grow.

Finally yet importantly, purchasing used industrial shelving systems help you save time. You can have them delivered to your address as soon as you purchase them and, even if there are minor adjustments to fit the shelves into the new place, these will be performed very quickly. With new shelves, you would have been required to wait until they were manufactured to your specifications.

Besides all these advantages, it is also important to know the risks. The most significant is that you will not get any warranty when you buy used industrial shelving systems, therefore there is no promise on their lifespan and resistance. This is why inspecting the shelves carefully is a must before purchasing them. Knowing where the racking came from may also be useful, as you can find out what was their previous use.

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